Sunday, August 28, 2011

Prints in John Lewis

John Lewis have decided to sell ten prints of my work - Fabulous news. I went to visit Denise and she showed me production on it's way and I couldn't believe the piles of frames, all mounted and framed beautifully They have been mounted raised on card with a torn edge and a shadow mount.

Finished work


Also found a flower press, complete with dried flowers. Decided to print these and they came out beautifully. This is called colloprint I later found out.

Mono printing week

Time to sort out the mono printing, my favourite creating technique of the moment.
I've experimented with tin foil, feathers, wire, sequins, sandpaper, cotton wool etc. I'm finding it a difficult medium to use with a free approach but will persevere. Tin foil produces some lovely effects and can be crinkled up and the used as the plate. Studios a total mess though...