Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd love to design some scarves!!

I bought a copy of World of Interiors a few years ago. The cover was interesting as it had a room with scarves framed on the wall. I'm selling some paintings as prints already and I thought scarves may be a another nice idea. They can be framed or worn, simple as some of my monoprints, or maybe more complicated tailor made paintings.
Oh course as I gave this more thought it became very exciting. Scarves need to be packed in a beautiful box, they need to be wrapped in lovely coloured crispy tissue with a sticker. They need pretty labels that match all the different colours and designs. It means shopping for all these things and who would have thought researching boxes and tissue could be so engrossing. It also means some shopping with Moo cards... can't wait! I also do so very much love my vintage souvenir scarves!

The logo for the box is the hardest. I've too many ideas...

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